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8 12 2010

Cruising along the River Chao Phraya, we got off at two of the famous Wats…Wat Pho & Wat Arun. Each being on either sides of the banks, one has to take a cross-ferry every time you want to cross. There would be a little wooden booth with an old lady inside it, invariably grunting smilingly at the passengers and handing them a token each, after robbing them of 4 bahts !!

With the tokens in hand you have nothing to do till the ferry decides to reach the station you are at. It might take longer if the tides are high and that’s when the shops and your waiting area might just get flooded in a matter of a few minutes. So, what does a shopaholic like me do…..walk along the 3″ beams and hop onto each of the shops and look curiously at the curios 🙂 what a delight it is when your ferry decides to come late by a good 20 mins !!

And then you finally get to your Wat:

Wat Pho was breathtakingly beautiful & tiring at the same time. The scale was magnificently played around with.

Wat Arun on the other hand was more vertically overpowering. My vertigo did not let me climb all the way up, but I kept myself busy drawing some of the motifs and enjoying the view.

The motifs were so inspiring, that I actually went back to Refill-Now! (our hostel for the first 4 days) and scavenged through their library on Thai architecture……..quite a discovery I must say.

Getting back to the ferry, in all the excitement, we forgot about our cruise back to the station and head to China-town instead. The energy is sky high at all times I guess. There’s selling, buying, arranging, re-arranging, stocking…….there’s pretty much of everything !! The prices are rock-bottom….but there’s a story to that.Yes I got fooled by a Sardar ji (i should have guessed……will beat him up if I find him again)….who made me run for an hour, telling me that the shoe shops would shut if I did not make it to that lane soon enough. So I with my Mr. Long Legs….dashed into every shop remotely open….made the quickest decision and almost picked up some pretty looking stilettos, only to be told that they were to be sold in bulk ONLY……………ugggghhhhhhhhh !! And that happened to me more than 10 times…….till I realized that practically whole of China-town runs on a wholesale model………even Tiger-balm gets sold in family packs !! Oh and you get a t-shirt free with that one.

Having realized thus, we settled for some food at a local joint.

Wat Arun & motifs

windows & roofs




One response

22 12 2010

Nice nice !!
Chanced upon ur blog from ur gmail status.. 🙂
bahu saras..bahu saras..keep pennin…and will bookmark this for future reference !!


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