the I in ME !!

5 08 2011

I have often wondered,

Who’s the I, I keep talking to so very often?


At times when dejected, or

At times when looking up and asking the almighty……..why ME?


Who’s the I, the ME, the MYSELF that I keep referring to?

What does it look like?

Did it come via the umbilical cord?

Or did I just cultivate it?


Does it mock at me?

Does it rejoice with me?

Does it cry with me and better still

Does it pass away with ME?


Is it more logical or emotional?

Does it get overpowered or does it shroud my senses?

Does it know the conflicting ways of the soul?

Or is it the source of all the conflicts?


Off-late I have been hearing that it is something we all cling to unconsciously

That the I is inherently non-existent

And yet we cherish it!!

….wonder WHY?


My solitary question is:

There ought to be a purpose for it (like everything else we have been given as humans)

….WHAT is that?




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