Gift of Gratitude !!

15 05 2013

Dedicated to all the Angels I have encountered in this Life;

Here’s to anyone who has ever touched my life in any way and given me the gift of their presence and support…..Thank you !!


To thank & walk away is not enough,
The quantum of support extended is no measure,
They have been there through the smooth & rough,
Remember to remember them, if not all the time, then atleast in leisure.
They have been around you, leaving all else behind,
Fate willing, you will find these angels again by your side,
But give them reason enough to remain tied.
Prayers & wishes are neither too little & never too much,
The nature of compassion is such.
But all you need to do, is turn the pages of time,
Skim past those gone by….
Smile & spare a thought, it doesn’t cost a dime.
Sometime, somewhere the angels will know that you gave them the gift of being grateful
And yet again they will shower you with blessings bountiful !!




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