T(ea)ULIP – a personal geography

27 05 2016


Personal Geogrpahy copy.jpg

It is a new beginning and as always every beginning needs a stimulant and for me that stimulant has always been Tea (chai)!

So, what better way to share my Personal Geography, than one that uses Tea as a metaphor for what T(ea)ULIP has been all about.

This Personal Geography, was shared as a part of the Masters Program in Professional Practice in Design In Education  that I have enrolled into.

It required us to present an introspective and reflective journey of who we are in a visual format.

Given my love for elemental visual-telling (I coined this term to explain how different elements composed together cohesively usually narrate something I wish to share visually! PS:Don’t try looking this up on google, you will not find it) I chose Tea and the art of Tea-making as a way to narrate my journey as a person and it is indeed wonderful to see how well they correspond!

My love for Tea has manifested in a prose I wrote years back, professing my romance with the beverage and it was pure serendipity to come across the thoughts of Soetsu Yanagi on Tea.

As much as I admire this gentleman for his thoughts on crafts and the craftsman, I am equally floored by his articulation of tea as a form of art/craft. 


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