Gift of Gratitude !!

15 05 2013

Dedicated to all the Angels I have encountered in this Life;

Here’s to anyone who has ever touched my life in any way and given me the gift of their presence and support…..Thank you !!


To thank & walk away is not enough,
The quantum of support extended is no measure,
They have been there through the smooth & rough,
Remember to remember them, if not all the time, then atleast in leisure.
They have been around you, leaving all else behind,
Fate willing, you will find these angels again by your side,
But give them reason enough to remain tied.
Prayers & wishes are neither too little & never too much,
The nature of compassion is such.
But all you need to do, is turn the pages of time,
Skim past those gone by….
Smile & spare a thought, it doesn’t cost a dime.
Sometime, somewhere the angels will know that you gave them the gift of being grateful
And yet again they will shower you with blessings bountiful !!


the I in ME !!

5 08 2011

I have often wondered,

Who’s the I, I keep talking to so very often?


At times when dejected, or

At times when looking up and asking the almighty……..why ME?


Who’s the I, the ME, the MYSELF that I keep referring to?

What does it look like?

Did it come via the umbilical cord?

Or did I just cultivate it?


Does it mock at me?

Does it rejoice with me?

Does it cry with me and better still

Does it pass away with ME?


Is it more logical or emotional?

Does it get overpowered or does it shroud my senses?

Does it know the conflicting ways of the soul?

Or is it the source of all the conflicts?


Off-late I have been hearing that it is something we all cling to unconsciously

That the I is inherently non-existent

And yet we cherish it!!

….wonder WHY?


My solitary question is:

There ought to be a purpose for it (like everything else we have been given as humans)

….WHAT is that?

21 01 2011






Chai & I go back a long way….

We were introduced to each other at the tender age of two may be,

A match made in heaven I must confess.

The Ranchi cold made us inseparable to say the least.

My wake-up call began with Chai

& being a nocturnal child, the late night studies were never spent alone.


Along came college life,

A campus buzzing with action….work & otherwise!!

Life changed, but as they say,

Old habits die hard…Chai was very much a part of my life still,

The romance that refused to die down, only the tint changed.

The golden-brown Chai became a shade of brown,

And a robust one at that!

The Gujarat heat did nothing to dampen our spirit,

We were going strong…..cups after cups and nothing changed.

A few at the Main gate, a few more at BMW and then yet another at BTM or the night canteen,

Over some frivolous conversations at times…..or over seemingly intelligent ones at a few other occasions, but the best ones were those had with my neighbours on the 4th floor and a few more at 420…..


Chai seemed to be the solution for everything…….

For work half done, for a broken heart, for a brewing romance, for a quarrel with a friend, for meeting an old friend…..or for the idea yet to be cracked !!

Only the name had evolved,

From being the simple, harmless 4 letter word, to being called the Creative Stimulant.


Life was changing and we were still committed…….

In an age where commitments don’t last any longer than the milk in your fridge !!


And yet…here we stand in 2011…..24years after we first met…still going strong.

We’ve weathered quite a bit,

Changed like the leaves of a tree, from season to season,

From golden brown to dark brown & now green.

And yet, it feels so rejuvenating to spend an evening all by ourselves

…….Chai & Me

when i seek refuge !!

28 06 2010

when the mind races faster than the speed of light….
when thoughts come and go like the city traffic…
when emotions go fluttering….
when ambition seems misplaced….
when the zeal seems directionless…..
when everything becomes nothing……..
………………… when i seek refuge !!

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